Review of SCIRPDC’s Last Three Years

As the Commission awaits the next three-year District Planning Grant contract with the Economic Development Administration, the staff would like to reiterate the services the EDA contract allows the Commission to provide.

  • Support local planning efforts in communities with limited financial resources;
  • Support planning efforts that include one or more units of local government or planning agencies working together;
  • Provide technical assistance to regional governments that request it for the development of local planning ordinances and regulations;
  • Encourage local governments to engage in planning, regulatory, and development approaches that promote and encourage comprehensive planning;
  • Prepare and distribute reports, and other technical publications that promote and encourage comprehensive planning; and
  • Research and report upon the results and impact of activities funded by the technical assistance grant.

As the Commission provides the services above as a part of our scope of work, EDA asks the Economic Development District to a review our performance of the last three years.  The following summarizes those accomplishments;


Economic Development Administration

Public Infrastructure

Project Type of Project Grant Amount Private/Public Investment  Jobs Created  Jobs Retained
Effingham Fed-EX Hub Logistics  $1,200,000  $4,500,000 400.0 0
Newton Water Plant Industrial  $1,866,000  $2,445,212 25.0 0
Centralia Wabash Ave. Industrial  $2,000,000  $4,557,315 100.0 0
Total    $5,066,000  $11,502,527 525.0 0


Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

Community Development Assistance

Program Public Infrastructure

Municipality Type of Project  Grant Amount   Private/Public Investment   Jobs Created   Jobs Retained 
LaClede Township Water Comp. Expansion  $350,000  $523,282 3.2 2.0
Lone Grove Towship Water Coop Expansion  $350,000  $498,869 3.5 2.0
St. Marie Township Water Coop Expansion  $350,000 $307,790 4.0 2.0
Fox Township Water Coop Expansion $350,000  $120,245 3.7 2.0
Denver Township Water Coop Expansion  $350,000  $232,847 4.2 2.0
Preston Township Water Coop Expansion  $350,000  $710,119 3.5 2.0
Totals    $2,100,000  $2,393,152 22.1 12.0


Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity 

Community Development Assistance Programs 

Housing Rehabilitation

Municpality Type of Project  Grant Amount   Private/Public Investment   Jobs Created   Jobs Retained 
City of Centralia Housing Rehabilitation  $248,500.00  $20,000 3.0 2.0
City of Newton Housing Rehabilitation  $213,199.00  $3,501 3.6 2.0
Town of Wamac Housing Rehabilitation  $257,157.00  $1,363 3.4 2.0
Total    $470,356.00  $24,864 10.0 6.0


Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity 

Community Development Assistance Programs

            Design Engineering

Municipality Type of Project  Grant Amount   Private/Public Investment   Jobs Created   Jobs Retained 
Hunt City Water Coop Expansion  $63,201 $8,677 0 2.0
Loudon Township Water Coop Expansion $61,742  $2,700 0 2.0
Otego Township Water Coop Expansion  $85,268  $2,700 0 2.0
Mason Township Water Coop Expansion  $61,540  $5,081 0 2.0
Totals    $271,751  $19,158 0 8.0


Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

Community Development Assistance Programs 

Flexible Opportunity

Municipality Type of Project  Grant Amount   Private/Public Investment   Jobs Created   Jobs Retained 
City of Vandalia Streetscape  $750,000  $187,500 7.0 2.0
City of Centralia Fire Debris Removal  $354,375  $205,954 14.0 2.0
Totals   $1,104,375  $393,304 21.0 4.0


          Illinois Department of Transportation
Municipality Type of Project  Grant Amount   Private/Public Investment   Jobs Created   Jobs Retained 
Village of Dieterich Economic Development/Truck Access Route Program  $134,750  $72,200 2.0 0
Totals    $134,750  $ 72,200.00 2.0 0


Illinois Department of Public Health
Municipality Type of Project  Grant Amount   Private/Public Investment   Jobs Created   Jobs Retained 
13 County Health           Dept. Coalition We Choose Health $300,000 $35,400 2.0 0
Totals   $300,000 $35,400 2.0 0


Borrower Loan Type Loan Amount Private/Public Sector Investment Job Created Jobs Retained
Not Disclosed RBI  $160,000  $0 0.0 0
Jasper County Housing CDI  $125,000  $150,000 4.5 0
City of Kinmundy CDI  $85,953  $120,953 3.0 0
TDL Group SBA 504  $1,500,000  $5,140,000 0.0 110
Country Bob SBA 504  $1,058,850  $2,647,125 4.0 14
Total    $2,929,803  $8,058,078 11.5 124


Performance Summary 2011-2013
Type of Project  Grant Amount   Private/Public Investment   Jobs Created   Jobs Retained 
 5 Loans       $2,929,803  $8,237,428   12  124
 21 Grants       $9,546,232  $14,341,058  586    30
 26 Projects    $12,476,035  $22,578,486   598  154



Illinois Energy Now Begins July 1st!

Illinois Energy Now Beginning July 1st

The Illinois Energy Now grant program provides millions of dollars in rebates to local governments including park districts, conservation districts, forest preserve districts and municipalities that make energy efficiency improvements to their electric and natural gas systems. More than $70 million is available annually to help fund these projects.

Why Apply?

Eligible organizations can experience both short-term savings through reimbursement for up to 75% of energy improvement costs and long-term savings through a reduction in utility bills.

Who Qualifies?

All Illinois public facilities located within Ameren Illinois electrical service areas or Ameren Illinois Natural Gas areas are eligible to take advantage of the Illinois Energy Now grant program.

What Projects Are Eligible?
Potential upgrades to electric and natural gas systems include but are not limited to:

• Lighting equipment
• HVAC equipment
• Gas furnaces
• Water heaters and boilers
• Refrigeration equipment
• Motors and drives
• LED Traffic signs

How do I Apply?

• Step 1: Contact James Patrick at South Central Illinois Regional Planning & Development Commission
• Step 2: If your project is eligible a pre-application will be done free of charge
• Step 3: DCEO reviews application, gives notice to proceed and confirms rebate amount
• Step 4: Upgrade qualifying Ameren electric and gas equipment
• Step 5: Submit a final application with work completed and costs, again free of charge.
• Step 6: DCEO reviews final application and processes rebate


Additionally, we are pleased to announce that the ERC, the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC), and the State of Illinois are also offering FREE building energy assessments in connection with Illinois Energy Now and other energy efficiency grant programs.  A building energy assessment helps agencies determine the amount of energy savings that will result from energy efficiency improvements. A team of engineers and architects will provide technical advice on cost saving energy efficiency measures that include an analysis of historic energy consumption, a site visit with your agency’s building maintenance personnel to review facility equipment and construction, and delivery of a final report with energy efficiency recommendations. This report will discuss energy and cost savings opportunities, recommendations for implementing the projects, and identify grants funds that may be available. While the goal of the program is full implementation of the recommendations in the report, there is no obligation to do so.

Over the past seven years, this program has identified more than:
• $37,300,000 in annual energy savings
• 14,000,000 therms in annual natural gas savings
• 263,000,000 kWh in annual electrical savings
• 51,000 kW in annual demand reduction
• 79,600 tons of annual CO2 savings

The services provided through this program are sponsored by DCEO, in partnership with, Ameren Illinois Utilities, The program provides valuable services at no cost. For more information contact James Patrick at 618-548-4234 ext. 225, or email